Contributing Artist for Children’s Show Pilot

“The Adventures of Catty Wompus” was filmed on the Westside this summer. A set was built to look like the inside of a sandcastle.  57 of Andrew’s Fish were installed on the walls of the sandcastle. For more information about the show, here is an article from the Santa Cruz Good Times. IMG_7173 IMG_7092 IMG_7101 IMG_7104 IMG_7105 IMG_7172 IMG_7171 IMG_7177 IMG_7176 IMG_7175 IMG_7174


One of the stars, James Durbin.

IMG_6829 IMG_6904 IMG_6900 IMG_6889 IMG_6886 IMG_6885 IMG_6882 IMG_6854 IMG_6842 IMG_6901 (1) IMG_6894

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