June 13, 2008, Martin Rd., Bonny Doon

Andrew grew up around the water in Santa Cruz, California, surfing and sailing.

He discovered landscape painting while taking an elective
art class at UC Santa Cruz in 1976. He was lucky enough to study art history with Jasper Rose and Mary Holmes, and worked in the studio under Patrick Ahearn, Don Weygandt, Hardy Hanson, Eduardo Carrillo, and Peter Loftus. Returning to UCSC in the early 90’s, he completed his art degree with an emphasis on sculpture.

He is inspired by free-thinkers like Antoni Gaudí, Sabato Rodia, Alexander Calder, and his parents. His work is constructive and oceanic, with a few amphibians thrown
in for good measure.

He worked for years in mosaics, and his largest public commission has been the “Fish Wall,” a mosaic mural
for the Ow Family, at King’s Village Shopping Center,
220 Mount Hermon Road in Scotts Valley, California.

You are welcome to visit Andrew at his studio by appointment.

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